Field Type Example Description Required? Readonly?
id GUID 83ks9gh3-29fj-9302-837j-92jlsk92jd095kd Map Layer ID No Yes
title string NDVI Layer Top level name of the Map Layer Yes No
text string NDVI Layer for mid-season plant health based on near infrared Describes Map Layer. Supports limited Markdown. No No
metadata Metadata array See sample request below An array of key value pair items about the Map Layer. Supports limited Markdown. No No
extent Extent object See sample request below Maximum and minimum extent of the map. Yes, except if submitting GeoTIFF File Resource for the Map Layer No
sortName string 02 Determines the display alphabetical sort order between this Map Layer and its peers (all the Map Layers tied to the same Map Layer Summary). Defaults to the value of title. No No
legends Legend object --- Keys the Map Layer's image data by color. Should represent all possible values and colors found in the Map Layer's File Resource image. Yes No
status1 string VALID Map Layer image processing progress. No Yes